Sunday, January 21, 2018

Back to the Basics: Where can I spend my Bitcoin

In the beginning there was Bitcoin. And then came the question: Where can I spend my Bitcoin? The first answer to this question came in the answer of a pizza. It was a little bit of a round about purchase as someone in England accepted the bitcoin from someone in Florida USA and then ordered a pizza for them using regular cash.

We have come a long way since then. But as one person online noted the various places that offer items for sale using Bitcoin still list the items for sale in US dollars. They argue that Bitcoin will never be a valid form of currency until items for sale are listed in absolute Bitcoin value instead of absolute US dollars with the option to use Bitcoin.

Here at Backyard Bitcoin we are happy to have items listed in US dollars with the option to use Bitcoin as the means to finalize a purchase. That works just fine for us.

So in the meantime here is an article from listing 13 places to use your Bitcoin for purchases. We can confirm four of them.

LIFEWIRE 13 Major Retailers and Services that Accept Bitcoin

One that was not mentioned on this list that we have found interesting is Craigslist. In a recent search for cars on the popular Craigslist site there was an option in the filters list to search by those sellers that accept cryptocurrency. We have not tested this out but find it to be an exciting development.

Where are you spending your Bitcoin? Let us know

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