Monday, August 1, 2016

A Life of Luxury with Bitcoin

At Backyard Bitcoin we are always looking for ways to spend our Bitcoin.  This morning we went down the rabbit hole daydreaming of the luxury life when we stumbled upon the site BitPremier.

This site has 32 pages of luxury items that you can buy using Bitcoin. It is an exchange similar to eBay except that it is exclusively for luxury items and it accepts Bitcoin. The buyer and seller remain completely anonymous to each other until the transaction is completed and BitPremier serves as the escrow company of sorts ensuring that all parties fully receive their end of the deal. For this service they take a 5% commission from the seller.

The amount and variety of items available through the site is impressive. From submarines to watches, handbags to luxury automobiles, there is a little something to get everyone daydreaming about the possibilities.

We are looking forward to the day when this site is commonplace and not as unique as it is today.

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