Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What's Your Bitcoin Worth?

At the time of this post a single bitcoin was worth 269.410 USD but it is constantly changing.

From my laptop I like following the Bitcoin tracker at 

But the best place to watch bitcoin move is on your smart phone. So download an app today and check it out.

Super Simple Overview:

2013 was the year of Bitcoin as the value hit an historic high over $1200 and was on par with Gold.

2014 the Mt Gox collapse blew those profits up and there was some major recalibration in the Bitcoin world.

2015 BackyardBitcoin goes in search of places to spend bitcoin.

2016 Bitcoin becomes mainstream. Baby Boomers finally adopt using their cellphone as more than just a device to use for making phone calls and start using it to pay for things on their trips to the market. (At least that's the dream).

Let us know where you are spending your bitcoin. We want to support places IRL that take bitcoin!

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